Our SPECIAL SILKY SOY WAX we use to make the lotion bars has finally ARRIVED!!!! We have to get it all the way from LONDON, ENGLAND now but it is worth it since there is nothing else like it. No other wax has its silky feel and amazing healing ability!

WE MAY BE A BIT SLOWER THAN NORMAL WITH THE HIGH DEMAND -- Please bear with us as we try to get your order filled as quickly as we can.

Silky Soy

SILKY SOY CANDLES, LOTION BARS, LIP & FOOT BALM are handcrafted with a specially formulated mix of moisturizing  SOY & SHEA that provides remarkable skin conditioning and healing.  Apply to skin, let it soak in, FEEL SILKY.

Gift Sets

Pamper your self or someone else with one of our gift packages. Select from SILKY SOY packages or ALPINEGLOW CANDLE packages.  You can't go wrong with either or both.  Relax with one of our clean burning super scenting candles and silkify your skin with one of our Silky Soy products.

Alpineglow Candles

Stately pillar-like containers with an elegant glass lid. These Jars wash out easily and can be repurposed.  The lids are as beautiful as they are functional - being air tight they will keep their contents fresh.  These will also make wonderful drinking glasses - elegantly simple & classic.

Also check out our very cute alpineglow angled globes.

Silky Skin Serum

A powerful moisturizer at a reasonable price – has the same ingredient (dimethicone) as some of those very expensive anti-aging creams at a much higher %. Oils made from silicone dioxide (yes, that is sand)  wonderfully moisturize & plump skin reducing fine lines and are the only thing our serum contains. The only ingredients are pure dimethicone and cyclomethicone with no extra additives.

Silky Soy Aroma

All-Natural SILKY FOR YOUR SKIN botanical aromas are LONG LASTING & MOISTURIZING.  Developed especially because of  requests to use our Silky Soy aromas as a perfume.

Pet Perfume

Handcrafted with natural bontanical or essential oils.  They will deodorize pets & leave them smelling wonderful.  Also a lovely coat conditioner, leaving it shiny, soft. and silky.Spray lightly on coat and then rub in with hands or spray on towel and wipe on if animal does not like the spray. Contains all-natural skin-safe botanical or essentioal oil & cyclomethicone (an unmodified silicone oil.)

Also check out our moisturizing pet balm for hot-spots, cracked paws, crusty nose or anywhere your pet needs skin care.