Silky Moisture Bar 3 fluid oz


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#SS-MB Silky Soy Moisture Bar
                                                                       3 fluid oz                                                                    

Handcrafted with a smooth & creamy Shea Butter mix that is nourishing, soothing & healing while protecting skin from the elements. Together, Soy & Shea have special nutrients & antioxidants giving them remarkable healing properties leaving skin soft & silky never greasy.

RUB ALL OVER skin to nourish, heal, and moisturize dry areas, especially hands, elbows & heels.  It will feel oily at first but soon it will absorb into your skin to leave you feeling soft & silky.

Put next to your bed and rub on your hands every night to keep away those finger cracks!

Good for massages too! Apply to area generously until oily enough to massage.  Afterwards let it soak in , feel silky.

 We use unrefined shea butter instead of refined because it retains more of its antioxidants & nutrients plus it can be purchased directly from women in Ghana (Global Mammas) for a fair-trade price. 

            Contains all-natural ingredients: organic soy, fair-trade, organic unrefined shea butter, organic botanical oils & natural organic skin-safe aromas.

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Brown Sugar & Fig, Citrus Basil, Coconut Lime Verbena, Mimosa Forest, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Amber, Sensue'l Vanille, Simply Shea-UNSCENTED, Vanilla Chai, Vanilla Pear, Wildflower Lavender, WHITE CHRISTMAS