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#SS-SL Silky Soy Silky Lips
.15 ounces

Our Silky Lip butter will sooth, moisturize, heal, hydrate and protect. To the super moisturizing Soy we have added exotic Avocado Butter for a luxurious and very creamy feel, soft smooth Shea Butter with healing antioxidants, lovely Lanolin to fabulously hydrate and protect, wonderful warm Cocoa Butter for superb glide & natural Beeswax for staying power. The ultimate indulgence for lips

Handcrafted with soy & shea. Shea butter contains valuable phytonutrients giving it remarkable healing properities. Together soy Soy & Shea are superior moisturizers containing special natural nutrients that are ideal for healthy skin. We use refined shea butter instead of refined because it retains more of its antioxidants & nutrients plus it can be purchased directly from women in Ghana (Global Mammas) for a fair-trade price. 


Contains all-natural ingredients: bees wax, organic soy wax, fair-trade organic unrefined shea butter, avocado butter, lanolin, cocoa butter, organic essential oils & natural unrefined vitamin e.

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Weight .5 lbs
Silky Lips Flavors

Lemon, Natural, Peppermint, Vanilla