Soy Refill Flakes


Flakes to refill the Lantern and Square candles

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Clean the jar with soap and water then add flakes, aroma, wicks
and light.  Burns with the same beautiful clear melt pool with a lacy look from the flakes along the edges.
Will Refill
8 small Lanterns or Pillars (6 oz)
4 medium
Lanterns or Pillars (10 oz)
2 large
Lanterns or Pillars (26 oz)  

4 small Squares (10 oz)
2 large Squares (22 oz)

 You Can add aroma by using our aroma oil spritzers. (see directions below) 
 1 Small Spritzer will Refill
9 small Lanterns or Pillars (6 oz)
6 medium
Lanterns or Pillars (10 oz)
2 large
Lanterns or Pillars (26 oz)  

6 small Squares (10 oz)
2 large Squares (22 oz)

Candle Fill Instructions:

1. Put the correct # of wicks in the container (same # as orginal candle) and hold the metal bottom tab down with long plyers or table knife. You can hold the wick at the top so the tab touches the bottom of the container.
2. If multiple wicks are needed, place the metal bottom tabs right next to each other and away from the side of the glass.
3. Pour wax flakes around wick packing the flakes down as you go. VERY IMPORTANT
4. If you have a long needlenose plyers or hemostadt type instrument you can push wicks to the bottom after     adding flakes but push the flakes down again after doing this.

5. FOR THE SQUARES AND LARGE LANTERN – PUSH FLAKES DOWN AT EDGES SO THAT THEY MOUND IN THE MIDDLE AROUND THE WICKS. You want the edges about 1 ” lower than middle. This is very necessary because of the large surface area of these containers. If you do not do this then the wax will build up on the edges as it burns and drown the wicks.
6. Trim the wicks so they are sticking up 1/2 ” above the wax flakes.
7. In subsequent sessions, burn your candle until wax melts to the edge not exceeding 4 hours for  best results.

Adding Aroma: (See below to purchase Aroma Oil)

1. Mix the aroma oil with the flakes in a bowl before adding to candle.

2. Mix the following amounts:

Small Lantern – 1 Cup Flakes with 1 1/2 tsp Aroma Oil

Medium Lantern – 2 Cups Flakes with 1 Tbs Aroma Oil

Large Lantern – 4 Cups Flakes with 2 Tbs Aroma Oil

Small Square – 2 Cups Flakes with 1 Tbs Aroma Oil

Large Square – 4 Cups Flakes with 2 Tbs Aroma Oil


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